FEMISED Tablet №30


Valerian officinalis root extract - 100mg
Glycine - 150mg
St.Johns wort extract Hypericum perforatum - 100mg
Hawthorn flowers extract - 100mg
Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine chloride) - 5mg

Granulac 200 (alpha-lactose monohydrate) Capsule shell: Bovine gelatin

Pharmacological group: Sedative, antispasmodic, antidepressant


Valerian has a sedative effect, reduces the tension and nervousness characteristic of mental fatigue and neurasthenia, restores normal sleep during insomnia. It has a spasmolytic effect.

Hawthorn - the useful properties of this berry have been known to people since ancient times. Hawthorn is rich in many vitamins, micro elements, organic acids, essential oils and other nutrients. The flowers and fruits of this tree have been used for insomnia, dizziness, atherosclerosis, heart disease, mental disorders and epilepsy since ancient times. Hawthorn is also used as a natural heart medicine. It strengthens the contraction of the heart muscle, normalizes heart rhythm and strengthens blood circulation. It helps to dilate the coronary and cerebral vessels of the heart, reduces the excitability of the nervous system, eliminates tachycardia and arrhythmias. It improves metabolism, lowers blood cholesterol levels.

The healing properties of the essential oils, have long been known in ancient times. In ancient times, this herb was widely used in various diseases. It contains essential oil (0.1%). The essential oil contains terpenes, sesquiterpenes, esters of isovaleric acid, tannins (10%), seril alcohol, choline, alkaloids, carotene (up to 56%), vitamins, resin, nicotinic acid. Besides all this, flavonoids such as hyperoside, rutin, quercetin, quercetin are also secreted. Hypericum perforatum has a very strong sedative effect - helps fight stress and depression, reduces headaches, relieves insomnia.

Glycine is an aliphatic amino acid. It is a nootropic substance. It has a sedative effect. It plays the greatest role in the regulation of nerve impulses that lead to the correction of the psychological state in the body. It normalizes metabolism, stimulates brain function, promotes social adaptation.

Vitamin B6 - is also called pyridoxine, and this vitamin, like folic acid, belongs to the group of B vitamins. This ensures the optimal use of food proteins derived from our nutrients. Pyridoxine, adermin, antidermatit are derivatives of vitamin pyridine. It is a white crystalline substance. The rice bran, wheat, beans, yeast, liver, kidneys, muscles, brain, egg yolk are rich in vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 has an important role in the synthesis of porphyrins, transport and metabolism of fats, and the formation of hemoglobin. Hair loss during vitamin B6 avitaminosis. Gangrene of the fingers occurs, dermatitis, convulsions and nervous disorders occur.


✓ Tension of nervous system
✓ Neurosis
✓ Nervousness
✓ Feelings of fear and anxiety, depression
✓ Sleep disorders, insomnia
✓ Intense heart rhythm against the background of sympathetic activity
✓ Loss of anxiety and self-confidence
✓ Gastrointestinal spasm
✓ Climacteric syndrome

Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to any component.

How to use and dosage: Adults over 18 years of age take 1 capsule once a day after meals. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Consult a doctor when using it during pregnancy and lactation.

This is a biologically active food supplement. Food supplements are not a substitute for a normal nutrition. It can not be used for the treatment of diseases. It is not a medicine.


Tablet №30


Store at a temperature not exceeding 25℃, in a dry, protected from light and out of reach of children.


3 years

MANUFACTURER (name and country of location):

Cydonia d.o.o., Bosnia and Herzegovina


“Roimed Pharma” LLC